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Saving Metropolis

by Gabriella Gill

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I'm the girl who wrote Saving Metropolis. I'm 18 years old, a screenwriter by trade and a bit of a wanderer at heart. Jesus is my savior. You have successfully found or accidentally stumbled upon my personal tumblr. Leave me an ask with any questions, comments, or do a cartwheel. Your choice.

My professional tumblr, with updates on my writings, book tours, signings, appearances, and any other projects that I'm working on or stuff I'm doing in general, go to and

You can hide from the monsters underneath your bed, but you can’t hide from the monsters inside your head.
- Gavin , Saving Metropolis (via savingmetropolis)


"how can you drink hot coffee in the middle of summer?"

fire cannot kill a dragon

I’ve been reunited with my beloved #HanSolo doll that I handmade four years ago. Dug him out my little brother’s closet. #StarWars

I’ve been reunited with my beloved #HanSolo doll that I handmade four years ago. Dug him out my little brother’s closet. #StarWars

Jaeger | Mark III | Gipsy Danger

Dream Career: Jaeger Pilot

You know that being a Jaeger pilot would be the best job in the world for the following reasons:

1. You get the heroic aspect:  the respect and honor of being in a top military position, (like being a Navy SEAL) and you get it without the criticism of it being “unnecessary” to kill other people. It’s an obvious, in-your-face-war that’s being waged, and 98% of the international population, not just your country, would respect you.

2. The cool aspect: Driving a Jaeger would be like being the co-driver of the the world’s coolest race car. Think about it. It’s like taking Iron Man and Transformers and anything that was ever cool like that, making it as tall as a walking skyscraper, and then bashing alien monsters. Hey, that’s why we went to see Pacific Rim anyways, wasn’t it? (admit it!)

3. The rockstar aspect: Like Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies, and as was shown in  Pacific Rim, Jaeger pilots get to be hailed as both heroes and as rock stars, for the whole world to see. They’re the celebrated soldiers, and when they’re not getting called off at 2 AM to do their jobs, just like Navy SEALS, only half the world hears about it. Instead of being just another faceless hero hidden in the ranks, you’d be on talk shows and speaking at ceremonies, your face on propaganda posters.  How glamorous!

Now, the con(s)

1. The pressure aspect: Just imagine the kind of pressure that the Jaeger pilots face, how stressful that would be on a person. You have the pressure not to make the wrong decision that would wreck a multi-billion dollar (if not close to trillion-dollar) machine, because only so much of a potential failure could be based on the element of total surprise with a Kaiju attack, and only so much can be blamed on the engineers and workers who built the machine. If anything goes wrong, thanks to the heroic and rockstar aspect, you and your partner will be blamed.

2. The relational strain: for the  sake of your family, if you’re not married to your copilot, or if you are, or if any of your family members aside from your copilot (your copilot counts as family- they’re your other half) Imagine how much “time off” a pilot would get with her/his family, if they have any kids, or if they want to settle down- they couldn’t, because nobody ever knew when a Kaiju would strike your region to protect. You were always on call, at the shatterdome.

What do you guys think? Have I missed anything? Any thoughts or opinions on this?

Rinko about Charlie; Charlie about Rinko

u deserve a nice boy who texts u back and buys u tacos and doesn’t kiss other girls behind ur back and who makes u laugh and thinks ur funny

Especially #2